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Community for students who are in the Honors College.


The Honors LLC is an interdisciplinary community that allows Honors Scholars to extend and enhance their learning beyond the classroom through trips, dinners, and special events.

Founded on the idea that some of the most important interactions a student has with professors and fellow students occur outside of the classroom, the LLC is committed to providing opportunities for these encounters take place. This community is open to students once they are admitted to the Honors College. 

The Honors College houses two sequential academic programs (Honors Foundations and Upper Division Honors) as well as offices that serve all students across campus; the ASPIRE office, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Pre-Health Professional Development office.

Where will I live?

  • The Honors College community will be found either at the Honors Hall or Lincoln Hall.
  • Home of the Honors College, Honors Hall is conveniently located just two blocks from the Life Sciences Building and PRT and within easy walking distance to downtown. Students have the opportunity to live either in a single or double suite with suite-styled bathrooms.
  • Lincoln Hall is within easy walking distance of (or a quick PRT ride away from) Evansdale buildings, as well as businesses along Patteson Drive and University Avenue. Students have the opportunity to live in a double suite with suite-styled bathrooms.

Member requirements

  • The process for admission to the Honors College begins when you complete the  WVU Application. You'll find information about the program, selection criteria, expectations and more at the Honors College website.  
  • For more information about the Honors LLC, contact Dr. Kevin Gooding at

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