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The Army ROTC LLC is for cadets who want to enhance their Army ROTC leadership training.

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Army ROTC develops strong leaders through building strong relationships with fellow cadets, mentors and leaders. Cadets will participate in physical training, social opportunities and share Military Science coursework. 

Where will I live?

Benefits of the Army ROTC LLC

  • Help foster bonds and establish relationships with other cadets who are in pursuit of a common goal 
  • Live with a group of individuals who have a passion to pursue leadership development
  • Interact with and learn from upper-class ROTC cadets
  • Develop a cohort of students committee to the journey of becoming an Army officer
  • Gain military and leadership skills
  • Participate in a network of peer support which encourages excellence and service
  • Develop a "joint" mindset that values the unique culture of the U.S. Army 

Army ROTC LLC member requirements

  • Be enrolled in the Army ROTC program and attend all Military Science classes
  • Attend exclusive social and academic events
  • Attend Thursday Leadership Lab opportunities for hands-on development experience
  • Participate in ROTC events, including football program sales (3 each), Field Training Exercises (one/semester) and formal events (one/semester)
  • Students admitted to the Army ROTC LLC will be assigned to a residence hall space in Brooke Tower, a traditional-style residence hall just minutes away from the Army ROTC building and the Student Rec Center. Physical training is performed Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:15 a.m. in the Student Rec Center.
  • Have fun, meet new people and participate as a member of a winning team!
Visit the  Army ROTC website.

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