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Current Residents

Browse information and resources for current residents living in residence halls.

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Take Care of your space and you

Ensure that your living environment remains a comfortable, safe and clean place to live.

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Dining Locations and Menus

Browse eateries, coffee shops and quick-service locations on campus. Check daily dining hall menus and nutrition information.

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aPPLY to be an RA

You’ll be a vital member of a diverse team and have the opportunity to build significant relationships with WVU community partners.

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Resident Resources

Topics relevant to current residents living in residence halls. See all resident resources.

Cable TV Setup

Each Residence Hall room has cable TV. Here is information on cable setup and troubleshooting problems.

Read More: Cable TV Setup

Community Council

This is a fun way to get involved in your residence hall and is a great leadership opportunity.

Read More: Community Council


Each Residence Hall has laundry facilities. This is a guide for doing laundry in the residence halls.

Read More: Laundry


Information on residence hall mail delivery, package pick-up, mailing addresses and campus mailboxes.

Read More: Mail

Mental Health

Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services can assist with anxiety, stress, depression and more.

Read More: Mental Health

Opening and Closing Dates

Dates for residence hall opening and closing, as well as housing application dates.

Read More: Opening and Closing Dates


WVU offers single steam recycling. Find the location of the recycling dumpsters around your residence hall.

Read More: Recycling

Residence Hall Association

RHA represents residents of the halls while providing quality programming and leadership opportunities.

Read More: Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Fitness Rooms

Students enjoy access to small fitness centers in the residence halls located in Boreman Hall, Stalnaker Hall and Summit Hall.

Read More: Residence Hall Fitness Rooms

Room Changes

Thinking about changing your room? Here is information on the room change process for current residents.

Read More: Room Changes

Room Details

Reference approximate dimensions, furnishings and bathroom details. Plus what to bring and what to leave.

Read More: Room Details

Sexual Assault

Understand what you can do prevent sexual assault. How to report sexual assault. Resources to support victims.

Read More: Sexual Assault

Residence Hall Technology

Information on wireless internet, the WVU.Play network for gaming consoles and smart devices and more.

Read More: Residence Hall Technology

Take Care of Your Space and You

While you live at WVU, you have a responsibility to ensure that your living environment remains a comfortable, safe and clean place to live.

Read More: Take Care of Your Space and You

Work Orders

Have a maintenance problem (lights out, plumbing issues, heating issue, etc.)? Submit a work order here.

Read More: Work Orders

Nearby Events

Read about events happening soon at residence halls. See more campus events on WVU's Event Calendar.

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