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5 Reasons to Live at WVU

Get the most out of your time in college by focusing on academics and personal development.

  1. The Full Mountaineer Experience

    Students that live on campus are given the opportunity to make friends and broaden their horizons. When you walk down the halls of our residence halls, you will meet people from all around the world.

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  2. Enhanced Academic Engagement

    Living on campus plays an important part of creating a solid foundation for your academic career. Students spend more time outside classrooms than in them, and it’s common to find students in study groups in all corners of their community.

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  3. Safe Living Environment

    Your safety and security are a priority while you are studying at West Virginia University. We have a strong partnership with our University Police Department to provide you with 24-hour safety within our residence halls. Our Resident Assistants and Night Staff perform nightly walk-throughs of our buildings to ensure the safety and security of our students.

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  4. Caring, Supportive Staff

    All of our residence halls have full-time professional staff that are here to support you every day of your WVU experience. We are focused on providing you with all the resources, support, and programming to enhance your college experience. Click here to learn about what staff members you will see in each residence hall.

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  5. Convenience

    Living on campus puts you within walking distance of your classes, labs, the libraries, theaters, art galleries, and sports facilities. You will save hours weekly by living on campus - time used to your academic and social advantage. Dining Services are located within your residence hall, or within walking distance. Click here to learn more about our dining services, our maintenance and facilities staff, and more!

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