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Residence Hall FAQ

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Application Process
Cars and Parking
Charges and Billing
Dining and Meal Plans
Guests and Visitation
Move in / Move Out
Off Campus
Residence Halls
Room & Roommate Selection / Changes
Special Accommodations
Transfer Students
Work Orders and Maintenance
Other Topics

Application Process

How do I get an application?

Once you have paid your academic deposit, you can complete the housing application and pay the $225 housing deposit online through the housing portal at

If you have any questions about housing or the application/deposit process, please contact the WVU Housing Assignments Office at or (304) 293-2811.

How to select a room

When are housing deposits due?

There is no deadline for the $225.00 deposit on housing. However, assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s important to complete/return the application/contract and deposit early. As a reminder, this can be done on-line through the MyHousing portal. The housing application/contract is a legally binding contract committing you to live in campus housing for the entire academic year. Deposit money is credited toward your fall term tuition and fees.

MyHousing Portal

Residence Hall Assignment Process

Will I get my deposit back if I do not attend WVU?

If you are not planning on attending WVU, we will refund $125.00 of the housing deposit if we receive your written notification of intent to cancel your contract by May 1 (December 1 for the spring term). After this date, deposits are nonrefundable regardless of when you pay the deposit. Application/contracts can be cancelled if you are not attending WVU by notifying us via your MIX account to or use the online cancellation system at

Can I sign a housing contract for one semester?

No, unless you are beginning in the spring term. Otherwise, the housing contract is binding for the entire academic year.

Why do I get an error when I try to apply for housing?

If you haven’t paid your academic deposit you will not be able to start the housing application.  48 hours after paying your academic deposit you can complete the housing application and pay the $225 housing deposit online through the housing portal at  MyHousing.wvu.eduIf you have any questions about housing or the application/deposit process, please contact the WVU Housing Assignments Office at  or (304) 293-2811.

Cars and Parking

Should I bring my car to campus?

Parking on the WVU campus is difficult at best. Due to the limited number of parking spaces available, we strongly advise you to leave your car at home. Don't worry WVU and Morgantown have some great options to get you where you need to go. Check out the links below! 

Information on Parking at WVU

Mountain Line Bus

Getting Around Town

Charges and Billing

What are certain charges on my account?

How to View/Print Your Bill

What are the room rates?

There are a variety of room options and  rates to choose from. Review the links below for complete details.

Room and Meal Rates
Residence Halls

Dining and Meal Plans

What meal plans are available?

There are several dining plan options for students to choose from. For the the complete list of dining options review the link below.

Dining Plans

How do I sign up and or change a meal plan?

Students can sign up and or change a meal plan by logging into Need to make changes to your meal plan? Check out Dining Service's website for more information.

Select a Meal Plan

Is the meal plan included in the cost of the room?

Because there are different dining options at different rates, the cost of the meal plan is not included in the cost of the room. 

Room and Meal Rates

Are residence hall students required to have a meal plan?

Yes, all residence hall students are required to have a meal plan. 

Guests and Visitation

Is there a visitation policy?

To help keep our residence hall communities safe and peaceful and to also respect the rights of community members, there is a guest and visitation policy. To view this and all residence hall policies, visit the link below.

Community Standards of Conduct

How do I register an overnight guest?

Overnight guests can be registered at the front desk of the residence hall that is being visited.  All guests must have a federal, state, or school photo ID to stay in our residence halls.

Move In / Move Out

Information about the Move In and Move Out Processes.

Moving In
Moving Out

Information about what to bring and what to leave at home.

What to Bring/What to Leave

Off Campus

Can I live off-campus?

All single, first-year students are required to live in University housing. In addition, transfer students with fewer than 29 transferable credit hours are also required to live on campus.

Are there exemptions from living on campus?

There are a few exemptions that must have prior approval. For more information about this process, visit the link below.

On-Campus Requirements & Exemptions

Residence Halls

Which residence hall is the nicest?

Each hall has its own individual characteristics and there are a variety of things to consider when selecting the best place to meet your needs. We strongly recommend that you visit our campus to look around and see the halls. We also encourage you to explore the residence halls online and review the amenities, cost, and locations that would best meet your needs.

List of Residence Halls

How many people share my bathroom?

There are different bathroom arrangements depending on which hall that you live in.  

  • Community Style Bathrooms- This is a large bathroom on the floor that multiple students share. These bathrooms are cleaned and maintained daily by custodial staff.

  • Suite Style Bathrooms- One bathroom is connected to two or more bedrooms. Typically four residents share this space. Residents are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their bathroom, but custodian staff will clean and check them once every three weeks. The university does provide toilet paper to students.

  • Pod Style Bathrooms- There are multiple pod bathrooms on the floor that are shared by everyone on the floor. Each bathroom is for a single occupant at a time but it becomes available for anyone when unoccupied. Each bathroom contains a sink, shower, changing area, and toilet. Oakland Hall is the only residence hall with this bathroom configuration. 

Room & Roommate Selection / Changes

Roommate selection – how does it work?

Select Your Room

How do I know who my roommate is and how do I contact them?

Select Your Roommate

How can I change rooms during the school year?

Room Changes

I have someone who wants to live with me, but I already have a roommate. Can you swap my current roommate with the person I want to live with?

Once a student has selected a residence hall space we will not move them from that space to accommodate a roommate request. If your preferred roommate does not select the available space in your room and someone else does, you are not permitted to ask the other student to leave the room or to switch rooms . However, while the room swap function on the MyHousing portal is active you may switch rooms to a residence hall room that has available space. 

Select Your Roommate

Special Accommodations

The Office of Housing and Residence Life makes every effort to accommodate special needs. We work with the  Office of Accessibility Services to provide assistance and/or accommodations. Students who are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact Accessibility Services, which coordinates services across many different departments.

For disability-related housing needs, please forward documentation and a statement of need to the “The Office of Accessibility Services, B20 Stewart Hall, Morgantown, WV 26506. For questions, call 304-293-6700.

The earlier that we are aware of your needs the more successful we will be in accommodating you. Please remember to indicate need on the housing application/contract in the space provided, but do not send the documentation with the application/contract.

Accessible Housing Request Process

Transfer Students

Do I have to live in the residence hall?

Transfer students with fewer than 29 transferable credit hours are required to live on campus .
On Campus Requirement and Exceptions

Do the University Apartments count as a residence hall?

University Apartments are not part of the residence hall system. Transfer students with fewer than 29 transferable credit hours are not eligible to live in University Apartments.
On Campus Requirement and Exceptions

Work Orders and Maintenance

If a student is experiencing building maintenance concerns, cable problems, internet issues, etc. please review the information in the link below.

Work Orders

Other Topics

What tutoring services are available?

There is a wide range of academic support available to WVU students at the Academic Resource Centers (ARCs). The ARCs are located in, Brooke Tower, Downtown Library and WVUp All Night. Free tutors are available on a walk-in basis for a variety of subjects including math, chemistry, physics, biology and statistics. The hours of operation vary by site so check out our website for more information If you have questions; feel free to check out ASK Regan! . or call 304-293-5811.

What about refrigerators?

You may bring your own refrigerator as long as it does not exceed 3.2 cubic feet and 10 amps. Refrigerators also can be rented from  The Melvin Group during Orientation and upon your arrival in Morgantown. If you order your refrigerator during Orientation, it will be in your room when you arrive in August. The Melvin group will also remove the refrigerator at the end of the year. 

What's the weather like in Morgantown?

The mean annual temperature is 52 degrees, and the annual rainfall is 41.2 inches. What this means is that Morgantown enjoys all of the seasons, and the weather is generally mild. There is rain in the spring and snow in the winter.

Can I bring a window AC unit / portable AC unit?

The University does not permit students to bring their own AC units. Please review the residence hall pages to see which halls have AC provided.

Residence Hall Amenities

What items can I bring and not bring to the residence hall when I move in?

What to Bring/What to Leave

Can I loft and / or bunk my beds?

Beds are not permitted to be lofted.  However, beds may be bunked. Special pegs used to bunk your bed are available at your front desk. Staff are not available to assist in bunking beds.  Beds must be unbunked at the end of the year.  It is recommended that you discuss room arrangement prior to coming in August.

Is housing provided over holiday breaks?

Housing during official WVU holiday breaks (Thanksgiving, between fall and spring semesters, and spring break) is available in select halls. Additional information and registration will be available mid-October. 

How do I apply to be an Resident Assistant?

RA Application Process