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Living Learning Communities

WVU's Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are on-campus student communities formed around a theme or specific field of study.

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Live with others who share your academic and/or social interests. Connect with faculty, staff and professionals in areas aligned with the LLC's emphasis. 

Air Force ROTC

Community for students pursuing a commission into the Air or Space Force through WVU’s Air Force ROTC program.

Read More: Air Force ROTC


Community for students who are in WVU's Army ROTC program.

Read More: Army ROTC


Community for students who are enrolled in the College of Creative Arts.

Read More: Create


Community for students who are studying Engineering.

Read More: Engineering


Community for students majoring in Forensic and Investigative Science.

Read More: Forensics


Community for students interested in global cultures and idea exchange.

Read More: Global


Community for students interested in sports and sports management in CAHS.

Read More: GOAL


Community for students who are in the Honors College.

Read More: Honors


Community for any student in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

Read More: SEEED

Substance Free

Community for students interested in a substance-free living experience.

Read More: Substance Free

The Quad

Community for students of color at WVU.

Read More: The Quad

True Colors Community

LGBTQA and Gender Inclusive Living Community.

Read More: True Colors Community


Well-Being is a Living-Learning Community encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Read More: Well-Being

More about LLCs

Why should you join a Living Learning Community? 

Your college experience is about nonstop learning and preparing you for a great future. Being part of a LLC will:

  • make it easier to adjust to college
  • help you meet people who share your interests
  • provide a support network of friends
  • encourage you to study with your neighbors
  • provide the connection to work with faculty mentors
  • keep you on track to earn your degree on time
  • connect you with internships and future career opportunities
  • give you a sense of community through programs, conversations and faculty interaction

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • There is no extra fee.
  • The Honors College has certain academic requirements for admission (please see the  Honors
    College section
    ). Other Living-Learning Communities do not have specific GPA requirements.
  • You can join a Living-Learning Community during the online room selection process by selecting the hall and/or floor associated with the Living-Learning Community. Admittance is first-come, first-served, and space is limited.

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