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Living Learning Communities

WVU's Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are on-campus student communities formed around a theme or specific field of study.

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Live with others who share your academic and/or social interests. Connect with faculty, staff and professionals in areas aligned with the LLC's emphasis. 


Community for students with an outdoor interest and wanting to prioritize their community and personal growth.

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Air Force ROTC

Community for students pursuing a commission into the Air or Space Force through WVU’s Air Force ROTC program.

Read More: Air Force ROTC


Community for students who are in WVU's Army ROTC program.

Read More: Army ROTC


Community for students who are enrolled in the College of Creative Arts.

Read More: Create


Community for students who are studying Engineering.

Read More: Engineering


Community for students majoring in Forensic and Investigative Science.

Read More: Forensics


Community for students interested in global cultures and idea exchange.

Read More: Global


Community for students interested in sports and sports management in CAHS.

Read More: GOAL


Community for students who are in the Honors College.

Read More: Honors


Community for any student in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

Read More: SEEED

The Quad

Community for students of color at WVU.

Read More: The Quad

True Colors Community

LGBTQA and Gender Inclusive Living Community.

Read More: True Colors Community

More about LLCs

Why should you join a Living Learning Community? 

Your college experience is about nonstop learning and preparing you for a great future. Being part of a LLC will:

  • make it easier to adjust to college
  • help you meet people who share your interests
  • provide a support network of friends
  • encourage you to study with your neighbors
  • provide the connection to work with faculty mentors
  • keep you on track to earn your degree on time
  • connect you with internships and future career opportunities
  • give you a sense of community through programs, conversations and faculty interaction

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • There is no extra fee.
  • The Honors College has certain academic requirements for admission (please see the  Honors
    College section
    ). Other Living-Learning Communities do not have specific GPA requirements.
  • You can join a Living-Learning Community during the online room selection process by selecting the hall and/or floor associated with the Living-Learning Community. Admittance is first-come, first-served, and space is limited.

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