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Community for students interested in sports and sports management in CAHS.

goal llc

The GOAL (Gaining Opportunity for Athletic Leadership) LLC is for students who are interested in the study of sports and sports business. Through the Mountaineer GOAL Program partnership with WVU Athletics, CAHS students have a unique opportunity to gain direct professional experience within a Power 5 sports setting. This community is open to students who are majoring within CAHS. 

Where will I live?

  • This community is part of the Evansdale Residential Complex in Bennett Tower (4th floor). Students will be able to live in a single, double, or triple occupancy room. Other amenities include on-site dining services, high-speed internet, study rooms, and much more. Students will also have an opportunity to be involved in the larger residence hall community and will be able to participate in all events and activities that occur in the hall.

Member requirements

  • This community is open to students who are majoring within CAHS. More information is available at Mountaineer Goal. For more information about the CAHS LLC, contact Betsy Robbins

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