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Cable TV Setup

Cable service is provided to each residence hall room. Please review the information below for channel line up and for troubleshooting issues.

Oakland Hall & Seneca Hall Only

Comcast Cable Services

Channel Line Up

Oakland Hall & Seneca Hall Cable Requirements

All Other Residence Halls

College Cable Services

Channel Line Up

Television Compatibility

WVU provides all students living in residence halls an incredible HD cable TV package. To make sure you can take advantage of this fantastic service, review the tips for connecting your TV to the residence hall cable system.

Residence Halls + Technology

Here's what you need to know about technology and your residence hall.


If you connect your TV and experience no service, please make sure

  • You have a cable connected from the TV to the wall TV outlet. It is best that you use a cable with screw ends rather than push on ends.
  • The outlet with the red mark is the activated outlet.
  • Your TV is plugged into the electrical outlet.
  • Your TV is programmed for CATV. If not, you will only receive channels 2 – 13.
  • Still having cable issues? Call for assistance.
    • Oakland Hall and Seneca Hall residents should call Comcast at 1-800-Comcast.
    • All other Residence Hall residents should call College Cable Services at 1-888-467-9004.

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