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Making WVU Your Home

Moving in for the first time? Returning to campus? We have you covered on how to make WVU your home away from home.

Review opening and closing dates

The WVU move-in process is a three-day event and will take place Thursday, August 15 through Saturday, August 17 from 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. each day. All students will sign up for a two-hour time slot in June to ensure a smooth process for all residents and their families. 

Move-in Registration opens in early June.

Residents must reserve a time slot to ensure as smooth a move-in process as possible for all residents. If you are authorized for an early arrival, before August 15, because of participation in a required University program, (ex. Band, Adventure WV or ROTC) you will receive more information from your sponsoring department as you will be manually assigned to a timeslot.

When the registration process opens in early June, residents will be able to log in to our web portal ( to schedule a time slot for move-in; the tentative deadline to register is Thursday, August 8. There will be two-hour time slots for each residence hall every day, starting at 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., beginning Thursday, August 15 and continuing through Saturday, August 17.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive an email confirmation for your selected date and time. If you need to reschedule your move-in timeslot, please log in at and cancel your existing appointment; you will need to go through the selection process again.

If you have extenuating circumstances related to move-in, please email Exceptions will be granted based on circumstances and the availability of timeslots.

A few reminders

  • Please monitor your MIX email account, WVU and Housing social media accounts and the Housing website for additional information. You can follow Housing on Instagram and Twitter @WVUHousing. 
  • Pack lightly - the move-in process will go much more smoothly if you limit the items you bring. You can purchase items online or locally.
  • Make sure to read our FAQs at the bottom of the page for more information about move-in and watch the video below. 


Welcome to West Virginia University! Moving in to your residence hall can be a difficult time - traffic, knowing where to go, and your parents crying because they miss you already. But don't worry, our guides are here to help.

Housekeeping Notes

Prepare for move-in with these tips, then review our move-in day details.

Move-in Tips:

  • Use small boxes/containers to make carrying easier.
  • Bring only a single vehicle as multiple vehicles, trailers, etc. cannot be accommodated at residence hall unloading zones. 
  • We have four seasons – consider bringing items you will need for late summer/fall and take those home with you at Thanksgiving break, and bring winter items when you return.
  • Pre-order your MicroFridge. Check with your roommate – you can split the cost – and you won’t have to carry it to your room. This is the only microwave approved for use in WVU residence halls. 
  • Dormify has a wide selection of linens: sheets, blankets, towels, and more. Order from them and they will deliver to your residence hall – you’ll have more room in your car for you and your family!
  • You’ll want to personalize your space; try to connect with your roommate before you arrive to avoid duplication. You may want to wait until you are on campus to make your final purchases so you have a good feel for the space you've been assigned.
  • Decorations are best hung with products that do not damage walls. Removing 3M Command strips improperly may damage plaster and paint which will result in damage charges. 
  • NO CANDLES. Please don’t bring them as we’ll ask you to send them back home or discard them. 

Residence Hall Opening & Closing Dates

University housing closes during breaks and reopens at the beginning of each semester. View the opening and closing dates.

What About Dining?

Dining plans will be active when you move in. Students living in a WVU residence hall must have a dining plan, so be sure to review your options and make the choice that best fits your lifestyle....and appetite! 


Bills were assessed and sent to your MIX email account during the first week of July if you have a balance due. Your bill was determined based upon your room assignment at that time. For information about your bill or payment, contact  The WVU Hub.



Things to definitely bring

  • Rain-wear and umbrella
  • Room decorations (decorations should be hung with products that do not damage the walls)
  • Bathrobe, shower shoes, shower bucket, towels, and washcloths
  • Two sets of linens, blankets and pillow; sizes vary for Seneca Hall and Oakland Apartments, see chart for information specific to each hall
  • Fan (in buildings without air conditioning)
  • Headphones
  • Surge protectors
  • School supplies and a backpack

See our full list of things to consider bringing.


Things you might want to bring

  • Mini Refrigerator (10 amps, maximum size of 3.2 cubic feet) – see note below
  • Throw pillows for your bed
  • Computer with security cable and lock
  • Coffee mugs, plastic cups
  • Lamp and stackable crates (each room has a desk task lamp)
  • Portable electronic devices
  • Coffeemaker (with lighted on/off indicator and automatic shutoff) to include Keurigs and other single serve brewers
  • Board games, cards
  • Flashlight
  • Television (check specifications - make sure your television has a built-in digital tuner or it will not work with residence hall cable system) 
  • Moving cart/dolly to make move-in easier
Note: Refrigerators and microwave/refrigerator combination units may be rented from  My MicroFridge during New Student Orientation or you may call toll free 1-800-525-7307.

Not permitted items

For fire and other safety considerations, certain items are not permitted in student rooms including:

  • Alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia, and empty alcohol containers
  • Microwaves- see note below
  • Any open-flame object (e.g., candles or incense), candle/wax warmers, or scented plug-ins (e.g., Glade Plug-Ins)
  • Weapons (see  Community Standards of Conduct)
  • Pets of any kind

This list is not comprehensive. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to ask students to remove items that are considered unsafe or disruptive. 

See our full list of prohibited items.


Move-in day details

Follow these steps for a smooth move-in day

student unloading boxes from a parked vehicle

Traveling to your hall

Follow our routes to reduce congestion.

  • You’ve packed the car and you’re ready for the drive to Morgantown.
  • You may have a favorite route into town and know your way around campus, however,  we ask that you use the routes listed on our website as they have been designed to minimize traffic crossover.

Find your community - Evansdale, Downtown or Sunnyside - and select your hall to find the detailed directions.

See Driving Directions 
the hands of two people pass an ID card


Once you pull up to your residence hall, you can head inside to the front desk and check-in. We ask that only you go and grab the key while your family/friends stay at the car and begin unloading.

  • At the front desk you will formally check-in, receive any  keys (if appropriate), pick-up your Mountaineer  ID (if you haven’t received it yet), and receive a copy of the room  condition report to review and submit feedback.
  • After check-in is complete, you will obtain a cart, if needed, and head back to your car to begin moving in.



You may park your vehicle in a WVU-designated parking area are leaving the unloading zone. Volunteers and University Police can provide directions to short-term parking areas

These short-term lots (2-hour maximum) are busy all day, so as soon as you have completed move-in, please move your vehicle off-campus (the Coliseum or a downtown parking garage). Do not park in any restricted areas, handicap-accessible spaces, private lots, etc. You could be fined and/or towed. 


Please unload your belongings and begin taking items to your room. Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will move your vehicle out of the unloading zone as quickly as possible. Please include contact information on the parking tag you were given at check-in and hang it from your vehicle’s rear view mirror. If your vehicle is left unattended for an extended period, it may be towed; we will attempt to contact you first. 



We will provide a move-in cart for you to use to load your items into (similar to those used in hotels for laundry). There is a possibility they will be all signed out, so we also recommend bringing a dolly, cart and/or other items to successfully move you into your room. 

It’s important for you to unload your vehicle and get everything into your room before you begin unpacking and decorating. Don’t stress—you have plenty of time to make your room your own! You can always go shopping to purchase what you need and order items from online and get them shipped to your front desk.


What will be in your room

In your room you will find all your room furnishings including a study desk, chair, dresser, drapes, desk lamps, wastebaskets, and your bed with mattress. To find the room dimensions for you hall visit our  Residence Hall page , click your hall and scroll down until you find the room dimensions link (each hall has their own room dimensions page so it is important you choose your hall.)

Note: If you have a multi-positional bed, please do not use the “top” rung on the bed ends. The frame may be damaged when this setting is used (keep in mind that not all beds are adjustable). Many students are charged for damages that occur to the frames. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you want to raise your bed, you may use the 6 inch plastic risers which can be found at any mass merchandiser. 


Next Steps

Please take all trash and recyclables to the dumpsters located outside your residence hall. 

  • Please break down boxes before placing them in the recyclables unit. Improper use of trash chutes (if in hall) during move-in causes damage and may clog the chute.
  • Return your cart to the front desk area so other students can use it to move-in their items.

Keep an eye out for posted materials from your RA regarding your floor meetings and  Welcome Week meetings.

Driving Directions

Even though you may have a favorite "back way" through campus, Move-In Day directions were planned to eliminate as much congestion as possible. 

  • All traffic should enter the area via Campus Drive. Use your preferred route to reach this designated point of entry; once there, be sure to follow the directions provided on your hall's move-in page to get to your new home.
  • Avoid one-way streets if possible and the areas surrounding the Sunnyside residence halls (Summit, Honors and Seneca). 
  • If needed, a single 90-minute parking pass (1 vehicle) for short-term lots will be provided at your residence hall check-in desk.
Downtown Directions Sunnyside Directions Evansdale Directions


boreman north

Boreman north

602 North High Street Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-2010

Get Boreman North Directions

boreman south

boreman south

600 North High Street Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-2010

Get Boreman South Directions



693 North High Street Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-4601

Get Dadisman Directions



691 North High Street Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-8149

Get Stalnaker Directions

Sunnyside Directions


Honors Hall

250 2nd Street Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-1800

Get Honors Hall Directions

seneca hall

Seneca Hall

2151 University Ave Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-2840

Get Seneca Directions

summit hall

Summit Hall

211 Grant Avenue Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-3123

Get Summit Hall Directions


Evansdale Directions


Bennett and Lyon Towers

356 Evansdale Drive Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-2813

Get Bennett and Lyon Towers Directions

Braxton and Brooke Towers

Braxton and Brooke Towers

356 Evansdale Drive Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-2814

Get Braxton and Brooke Towers Directions


Lincoln Hall

1014 Rawley Avenue Morgantown, WV 26506 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-6170

Get Lincoln Hall Directions

Oakland Hall East and West, Oakland Apts.

Oakland Hall East and West, Oakland Apts

438 Oakland Street Morgantown, WV 26505 
Main Desk Phone: 304-293-7275

Get Oakland Hall East/West and Oakland Apartments Directions

Move-in FAQs

Residents will be expected to complete their move-in process, including check-in, unloading and moving their items to their rooms within a  two-hour time slot. The limit is in place to provide adequate drop-off spaces, temporary parking, move-in carts, etc. 

Residents should check-in at their residence hall desk - please arrive at your scheduled move-in time. Once you have checked in, you can unload your car and bring in your belongings.  

Once your car is unloaded, please move it to the designated temporary parking lot for your residence hall. Cars left unattended in the designated drop-off zone may be towed. The two-hour time slot applies to the temporary parking lots as well. 

Residents may have helpers accompany them into their residence hall during the move-in process. If possible, please limit the number of helpers to TWO per resident to minimize congestion in the hallways and elevators.

Mountaineer ID cards will be available for students to pick up at their residence hall front desk when they check-in as part of the move-in process. If you haven't submitted a photo for an ID please do so as soon as possible at You'll be prompted to login to complete the process.

Several four-sided carts (similar to those used in hotels for laundry) will be available at each hall during check-in. Carts are limited, so you may bring your own dolly to assist with move in. 

Students can leave the hall and return, however parking will not be available due to the on-going move-in process. Please note that streets around the  residence halls are congested and crossing traffic patterns to return to your hall adds to the congestion. 

If you are returning to your hall while move-in is ongoing, your family should drop you off outside the designated move-in areas to allow other students to access their residence hall during their scheduled move-in time slot. 

Resident Assistants will have floor meetings each day during move-in. They will have a list of students moving in each day and will send emails with information about meetings and any other updates. Res idents should check their MIX email account and watch for signs posted on their floor. There will be staff at residence hall's front desk who can answer questions.

If a student is not able to arrive on campus by the first day of classes, they must contact the Housing Assignments Office at  304-293-2811. If a student does not contact the Housing Assignments Office, their room assignment could be changed.

We ask families to bring only ONE vehicle with them to move in, as parking on campus is limited. We also do not recommend bringing U-Hauls during move-in as some of the side streets that we utilize during move-in are very tight and you may have difficulty driving through them and turning around. If a student does not contact the Housing Assignments Office, their room assignment could be changed.

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