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Honors Hall Directions

Map of how to get to Honors Hall. Starting from Beechurst Ave, turn onto 3rd Street to get to Grant Ave. then make a right onto 2nd Avenue and proceed to follow Move-in staff directions   

  • Even though you may have a route that you would normally use to reach your residence hall, please follow this Move-In Day route as it was planned to help eliminate as much crossover traffic and congestion as possible
  • From Beechurst Ave, turn right onto 3rd Street to get to Grant Avenue  
  • Turn right onto Grant Avenue  
  • Turn right at the second cross street onto 2nd Avenue 
  • Follow signs and, if present, directions of Police and/or staff for location to unload 
    • Check in is located in the multipurpose room of Honors Hall. 
  • After unloading, remove vehicle to short term parking on Grant Avenue, or make your way to parking on Beechurst Avenue   
    • Turn left on Campus Drive 
    • Turn left on Beechurst Avenue

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