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Summit Hall Directions

To go to Summit Hall, start from Beechurst Ave, turn into 3rd Street then turn right to Grant Ave and turn right again to 2nd Ave. From there follow directions from staff.       

Even though you may have a route that you would normally use to reach your residence hall, please follow this Move-In Day route as it was planned to help eliminate as much crossover traffic and congestion as possible

  • From Beechurst Ave, turn right onto 3rd Street to get to Grant Avenue 
  • Turn right onto Grant Avenue toward 2nd Street 
  • Turn right at the first cross street onto 2nd Street  
  • Follow signs and, if present, directions of Police and/or staff for location to unload 
    • Check in is located on the 1st floor in the Summit Café.
  • After unloading, remove vehicle to short term parking on Grant Avenue, or make your way to parking on Beechurst Avenue via Grant Avenue or McLane Avenue  
    • Turn right on Campus Drive 
    • Turn left on Beechurst Avenue

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