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Boreman North Directions

boreman north directions  

Even though you may have a route that you would normally use to reach your residence hall, please follow this Move-In Day route as it was planned to help eliminate as much crossover traffic and congestion as possible

  • Turn on Campus Drive from Beechurst Ave  
  • Turn right onto University Avenue from Campus Drive (at light) 
  • Turn left onto College Avenue from University Avenue 
  • Turn right onto Maiden Lane 
    • Be mindful of lane you take at separation; stay in right lane 
  • Follow signs and, if present, directions of Police and/or staff for location to unload:
    • Check in is located in the office in Boreman North. 
  • After unloading, please place 2-hour temporary parking permit on your windshield and move vehicle to short term parking downtown or campus lots on Beechurst. 
    • Follow High St to downtown short term parking 
    • Or, take right onto Prospect Street, then left on University Avenue, then right onto Hough Street to find parking in lots on Beechurst Avenue.

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