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Room Entry, Room Inspection and Confiscation Policy

Room Entry and Room Inspection Policy

Authorized personnel of the University have the right to enter and inspect the Student's room for safety, health, and other administrative reasons related to the University's educational mission. University staff have the right to enter the Student's room without the Student present; reasons for room entry include but are not limited to:

Confiscation Policy

If an item that violates the Housing Contract, Community Standards of Conduct or University Student Code of Conduct is found in the Student's residence hall room, the Student will be documented and instructed to remove the item. If this item is not removed and found in any subsequent visits to the room during the academic year the item may be confiscated and the Student may face additional disciplinary sanctions.

If an item poses a significant risk to the student or community it will be confiscated immediately. The confiscated item will be stored for 30 days from the date of confiscation and, if it is not claimed by the 30th day, it will be disposed of without further notification. If drugs, weapons, or other evidence of crime are found in the Student's room the incident will be documented and reported to the University Police for investigation.