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Room Entry, Room Inspection and Confiscation

Room Entry and Room Inspection

As stated in the Housing Contract, the University reserves the right to enter and inspect rooms without notice for purposes of:

  1. repairs, maintenance, facility improvements;
  2. recovery of University/state/local government-owned property not authorized for use in the assigned space;
  3. fire, health, and safety inspections made periodically, as well as at hall closing/vacation periods;
  4. when there is a reasonable basis for believing that an emergency exists (including but not limited to fire, accidents, sickness, or danger to the health and welfare of Residents); and
  5. when there is a reasonable basis for believing that a University policy is being violated.


If an item that violates the Housing Contract, Community Standards of Conduct, or University Student Code of Conduct is found in a residence hall room, the student will be documented and instructed to remove the item from the building. The room will be subject to a follow-up visit to verify that the non-permitted item is removed. If the item is not removed and found in any subsequent visits to the room during the academic year, the item may be confiscated, and the student may face additional disciplinary sanctions. If an item poses a significant risk to the student or community, it will be confiscated immediately. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their building Residence Hall Specialist (RLS) to arrange a time to claim/remove the confiscated item. If the student does not contact their RLS within 30 days, the confiscated item will be disposed of without further notification. If drugs, weapons, or other evidence of a crime are found in a student's room, the incident will be documented and reported to the University Police for investigation.

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