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Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant is a mentor, a connector, a campus expert, and an advocate. Resident Assistants are the most important student leaders on campus. As a Resident Assistant you will gain leadership experience and be provided the opportunity to hone your critical thinking, time management, problem solving, and communication skills. The Resident Assistant position is your chance to leave your mark on West Virginia University.

How To Apply - 2018-2019 Academic Year

Interested individuals must attend one of the following information sessions:

When you attend an information session, you will be given a pass-code to access the application to apply. To access the RA Application, Click Here.

For questions about Resident Assistant Recruitment and Selection, please contact

What Current RAs Have To Say About The Position

Jordan Sheets RA

Jordan Sheets, RA Lyon Tower

Serving as a RA has been one of the most influential and rewarding experiences of my college career. I have had the opportunity to engage with and mentor my peers in a manner which has been truly enriching for both me and the residents of Lyon Tower. For me, becoming a RA allowed me to find my niche and I believe that’s something every student should find. I have matured as a student and a leader and am more well prepared for life after college because of it.

Danielle Juritsch RA

Danielle Juritsch, RA Oakland Hall

The RA experience is different for everyone, for me it has allowed me to do what I enjoy. It has allowed me to help others, promote things that I am passionate about, and it has significantly helped me to come out of my shell and helped me overcome my fear of talking in front of people. This job has thrown a variety of challenges in my direction, but at the same time, this job has given me tools that will help me with my future endeavors.