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Who Has To Live On Campus

First Year Live On Requirement (FYLOR)


All students classified as first-time freshmen or transfer students with fewer than 29 transferrable college credit hours are required to live in a West Virginia University Residence Hall for a full academic year (August - May). 

If a student's first academic term is the spring semester, the student must live in a residence hall the following academic year as well (August - May). 

Transferrable credits that are high school dual enrollment do not count toward the hours required for an exception. 

Limited exceptions apply with verification and are listed below. Please note that exceptions will not be granted for students requesting to live with a sibling or a relative. 


Planning or proposing to live with a sibling or other relative does not qualify you as a commuter.

In order to be considered a commuter:

When completing the application on-line, if you are eligible to commute, a commuting option will appear on your application. Simply check that box and submit your application. It is important that we have you listed as a commuter in our system to avoid sending you messaging that does not apply to you.


These are defined as students age 24 or older, at the graduate level, or married students. Non-traditional students or faculty and staff seeking housing may find accommodations at University Apartments.

Visit the Off-Campus Housing Office for more information on off-campus housing.

If you have questions about your housing eligibility please contact us.