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Move-in Day Details

Welcome to WVU! We’re so happy you’re here and look forward to being part of your Mountaineer experience. Here are a few important things to know as you travel, unpack, move in and set up your room.

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students and parents unpacking a vehicle

Traveling to your hall

Follow our routes to reduce congestion.

  • You’ve packed the car and you’re ready for the drive to Morgantown.
  • You may have a favorite route into town and know your way around campus, however we ask that you use the routes listed on our website as they have been designed to minimize traffic crossover.

Find your community on the  Fall 2021 Move-In page - Evansdale, Downtown or Sunnyside - and select your hall to find the detailed directions.

the hands of two people pass an ID card


Once you pull up to your residence hall, you can head inside to the front desk and check-in. We ask that only you go and grab the key while your family/friends stay at the car and begin unloading.

  • At the front desk you will formally check-in, receive any keys (if appropriate), pick-up your Mountaineer ID (if you haven’t received it yet), and receive a copy of the room condition report to review and submit feedback.
  • After check-in is complete, you will obtain a cart, if needed, and head back to your car to begin moving in.

student unloading boxes from a parked vehicle



Please unload your belongings and begin taking items to your room. Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will move your vehicle out of the unloading zone as quickly as possible. Please include contact information on the parking tag you were given at check-in and hang it from your vehicle’s rearview mirror. If your vehicle is left unattended for an extended period, it may be towed; we will attempt to contact you first. 


You may park your vehicle in a WVU-designated parking area are leaving the unloading zone. Volunteers and University Police can provide directions to short-term parking areas. These short-term lots (2-hour maximum) are busy all day, so as soon as you have completed move-in, please move your vehicle off-campus (the Coliseum or a downtown parking garage). Do not park in any restricted areas, handicap-accessible spaces, private lots, etc. You could be fined and/or towed. 

a male student pushes a red cart

moving in

We will provide a move-in cart for you to use to load your items into (similar to those used in hotels for laundry). There is a possibility they will be all signed out, so we also recommend bringing a dolly, cart and/or other items to successfully move you into your room. 

It’s important for you to unload your vehicle and get everything into your room before you begin unpacking and decorating. Don’t stress—you have plenty of time to make your room your own! You can always go shopping to purchase what you need and order items from online and get them shipped to your front desk.


In your room you will find all your room furnishings including a study desk, chair, dresser, drapes, desk lamps, wastebaskets, and your bed with mattress. To find the room dimensions for you hall visit our Residence Hall page, click your hall and scroll down until you find the room dimensions link. (each hall has their own room dimensions page so it is important you choose your hall.)

Note--  If you have a multi-positional bed, please do not use the “top” rung on the bed ends because the frame may be damaged when this setting is used (keep in mind that not all beds are adjustable). Many students are charged for damages that occur to the frames. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you want to raise your bed, you may use the 6 in. plastic risers which can be found at any mass merchandiser. 

two female students talking in their room
students in the mountainlair area on sunny day

next steps

Please take all trash and recyclables to the dumpsters located outside your residence hall. 

  • Please BREAK DOWN boxes before placing them in the recyclables unit. Improper use of trash chutes (if in hall) during move-in causes damage and may clog the chute.
  • Return your cart to the front desk area so other students can use it to move-in their items.

Keep an eye out for posted materials from your RA regarding your floor meetings and Welcome Week meetings.