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Football/Thanksgiving 2021 Break Housing

Students may request break housing during the Thanksgiving break period and for the WVU vs. Texas football game.

A limited number of residence halls (Oakland Halls East/West, Stalnaker Hall as well as Bennett, Braxton, and Brooke Towers in the Evansdale Residential Complex), are scheduled to remain open during fall/winter break. Students living in these halls may register to stay in their rooms during the break period. A limited number of spaces have been designated in residence halls on Evansdale for students who live in halls other than those scheduled to remain open for Thanksgiving break housing. Locations are subject to change and may be adjusted based upon demand for break housing.

Students may stay in their assigned space on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20 if they plan to attend the WVU vs. Texas football game. There is no charge for them to stay, however they will be required to register. Access to all residence halls will be available ONLY to students who have registered. They must depart their hall by 10 a.m., Sunday, November 21 unless they are registered for Thanksgiving break housing. Registration will open in mid-October.

Break Period Dates and Pricing

Break Housing Details

Terms and Conditions

Only those who register online and agree to the following terms and conditions will be allowed to stay in the residence halls during any WVU break period:

  1. Residents are subject to all policies outlined in the University Student Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Community Standards of Conduct.
  2. To ensure everyone's safety, no guests are permitted.
  3. Dining halls will be closed during Thanksgiving Break; Mountie Bounty may be used in designated locations. 
  4. No linens are provided during the break period. 
  5. Fitness centers are not open during the break period. 
  6. Mail service and package delivery will not be available during the break period. 
  7. Residents will not have access to their regularly assigned residence hall space if their regular hall is not open during the break and they are assigned to an overflow space on Evansdale.

If you have questions, or need further assistance, please email