The motto at the International House is 38 people bringing pieces of the world together to form their new home at WVU! International House is within easy walking distance of the downtown campus and the Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT). It is located on North Spruce Street, close to Boreman Hall.

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International House is a hall for students who are interested in learning more about the world. Academic, social, service-oriented programs, and sharing cultural holidays with an international focus are part of the experience.

Although you will not be able to connect to ResNet, the University’s residence hall computer network, Internet access is available via a high-speed DSL connection provided at no extra cost.

The double rooms are furnished with single beds, study desks, and chairs. The fitted sheet size is 36” x 80”. Community bathrooms are located on each floor. You may purchase voice mail for your room or bring your own answering machine.